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Premium Foods

We stock over 60 brands of premium natural dog and cat foods, including a large selection of raw. Our goal is to provide multiple options to fit your pet's needs, and your budget & lifestyle. Frequent buyer programs, nutrition advice, and access to almost anything via special orders.



We have private, gated self-wash rooms - includes shampoo/conditioner, towels, basic grooming tools, plus a table and dryer in every room. Bring several dogs at once for a discount, and we have a great frequent wash program. During grooming hours, nail trims are available for an additional charge.


Full-Service Grooming

We offer full-service grooming in a low-stress environment - dogs come in by appointment and only stay until they are finished. Our groomers have decades of experience and are skilled and gentle.

Our prices are very competitive - we keep our everyday pricing low rather than depending on rotating sale events and promotions. Come visit us in Parker - leashed, well-behaved pets are always welcome in the shop!

Pickup Services

Let us come out and meet you your co-pilot! Purchase online and choose in-store or curbside pick-up - and if you need to hustle through, we will run it out to your car. Just call us when you pull up to the shop.

Nutritional Counseling

Just like a fast food diet for humans, an improper diet lacking fresh, quality ingredients for your pets leaves them less satisfied and with less energy. We have years of experience in the industry and can offer options for most dietary issues. We have many foods for allergies/sensitivities, picky eaters, and special needs pets.

Private Self-Wash Rooms

$16.00 - No set time limit, price is per dog - multiple dogs are easy in our private rooms. Please, no extensive trimming or grooming in self-wash rooms. We provide shampoo, conditioner, towels, a comb, slicker brush, and zoomgroom brush for de-shedding. Each room has a table and a dryer. Self-wash closes ONE HOUR prior to shop. 


If {you're|you are} {looking for|searching for|trying to find|seeking|scouting for} {a dog|a pet} groomer {near|in} Parker, CO, then look no further than Essential Pet LLC. Our {certified|highly-trained|professional|experienced} {dog|pet} groomers {deliver|provide} {personalized|customized|individualized|tailored|exceptional} service with {a gentle|a tender|a delicate} touch to {have|get} your pet {looking|feeling|looking and feeling} their {best|absolute best|finest}. {We|Our team|Our experts|Our staff} groom all {breeds|types|kinds|sizes} of dogs. {Whether|Regardless if|No matter if} your {pet|dog|beloved pet} {needs|requires|is needing} {a quick|a simple} {bath|wash} and {brush|teeth brushing} {appointment|visit|session}, or {it's|it is} time for {a bit|a little bit|a dab} of {extra|additional|added|special} {pampering|spoiling}, our {dedicated|devoted|dependable|hardworking|faithful} {team|staff|crew} is here to {help|assist} with {all of|all|every one of|each one of|each of} your {needs|requirements|desires|goals|concerns|wishes} for {pet|dog} grooming. {We offer|We provide} {a clean|a tidy|a spotless|a sanitary|a hygienic}, safe, and {friendly|pleasant|welcoming|courteous|hospitable|cheerful} {place|area} to {wash|clean|wash up|freshen up} your dog. {At the time|During the time} of {booking|reservation|scheduling}, {please|kindly} {mention|specify} your dog's age, {temperament|disposition}, and {size|weight} category {to|in order to} better help us {pair|match} you with the {correct|appropriate|perfect} {groomer|dog groomer} and {services|solutions}. {Book|Schedule|Make a reservation for|Set up} your appointment today.


We love our customers from Parker and all areas around Franktown, Elizabeth, Happy Canyon, Hilltop, The Pinery, Castle Pines, Foxfield, Stonegate, Lone TreeGrand View Estates, and more! 

Come visit our pet supply store in Parker, CO specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.